Automate the Checklist Process

  • Keep patients and residents safe
  • Standarize training
  • Improve compliance
  • Be responsive
  • Enhance learning

Checklist Management.

Eliminate Paperwork and Create a More Valuable Experience

From the most simple to complex concepts, a checklist is a tool that can provide skill validation throughout any healthcare organization. But what if we make this simple tool easier to use – and even more powerful?

Download the webinar recording to learn how HealthStream can help you lead even more valuable educational initiatives across your organization. With Checklist Management, you can standardize training, target learning objectives, automate process, eliminate paperwork and track completions, while ensuring consistency and validating skills. This means not only a more competent and confident staff, but also better patient outcomes.

Presented By: HealthStream's Checklist Management Product Manager, Jake Novick and Solution Executive, Liz Bok

"Good checklists are precise. They're efficient, to the point, and easy to use even in the most difficult situations. they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps - the ones that even the highly skilled professional using them could miss. Good checklists are, above all, pratical." -- Atul Gawande, MD

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